About Mayo Research Institute

Mayo Research Institute is a nonprofit organization specializing in economic research that proceeds from the premise that the basic unit of economic analysis is not the individual of neoclassical economics which is grounded in the philosophy of individualism and originated in the seventeenth-eighteenth century Enlightenment toward the end of the script stage of human communication. Rather economic analysis should center on the human person of personalist economics which is informed by the philosophy of personalism that emerged at the beginning of the electronic stage of human communication.

Most of the research undertaken by the Institute is scholarly in nature and is made available to the public without charge through academic publications such as the Review of Social Economy, Journal of Markets and Morality, Forum for Social Economics, Ethics and Information Technology, and the International Journal of Social Economics. Additionally, copies of selected recent publications and working papers are accessible on the Institute’s home page.

Consulting work is invited and undertaken on the usual fee-for-service basis.

Edward J. O’Boyle, Ph.D. is Founder and Senior Research Associate.

Luca Sandonà, Ph.D. is Adjunct Scholar.

Mayo Research Institute
1217 Dean Chapel Road
West Monroe, Louisiana 71291 USA
E-mail: edoboyle737@gmail.com