The Acting Person and Personalist Capital
Homo Socio-Economicus
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On the Person and the Work of the Entrepreneur
On the Hospital as a Commons
Productivity, Profitability, and Economic Security
Transitions Into and Out of Poverty
Centering Economic Affairs on Justice and the Person
Salary Compression and Inversion
Getting the Hard-Core Premises of Economics Right
Ethical Decision-Making for Computing Professionals
John Paul II's Vision of the Social Economy
Norms for Evaluating Economic Globalization
Income Gap Between Poor Families and Others
Personalist Economics
Nature of Social Economics
Duty of the Firm in Selling to the Poor
Toward an Improved Definition of Poverty
New Economics for the New Economy
Louisiana Works!
Principles of Economic Justice
Great Irish Famine
The Principle of Subsidiarity in Economic Affairs
Celtic Tiger and Traditional Values
Requiem for Homo Economicus
Person: An Economic Agent for the Electronic Age
Children's Health Insurance: SCHIP
Financial Meltdown 2008
The Economic Agent as a Person
Caritas in Veritate
Acting Person: Social Capital and Sustainable Development
Origins of Personalist Economics
Bill Waters on Schumpeter
Obstacles to Children Developing as Mature Persons
Origins of Homo Economicus
Work, Consumption, and Leisure
Anderson and Escher's MBA OATH
The GOOD Company
Social Justice
Origins and Legacy of Solidarist Economics
Economic Agent, Economic Gain, Economic Justice, and Personalist Capital
Norms of Sustainable Development
Industrial Commons
Poverty, Hunger, Death, and Disease
Profit Maximization and the Subjective Dimension of Work
Gross Flows Labor Force Data
Re-Constructing Economic Agency around Living, Breathing, Existential Actuality
L'Agente Economico
Entrepreneurship, Dualism, and Causality
In Memoriam
The Dempsey Divine Divide
Reconciling Human Trafficking and Equality
Obama's First Four Years
Schumpeter and Economic Man
On Justice and Charity
Teaching Ethical Decisionmaking
John Paul II on Economic Freedom
Freedom of Economic Initiative
Personalist Economics: Origins and Content
Integral Human Development
The State and Organized Religion
Orality, Literacy, and Economic Agency
Justice Limits Ill-Gotten Gains
Social Mortgage