Citation of Excellence for Originality
   presented by ANBAR Electronic Intelligence for my article “Productivity, Profitability, and Economic
   Insecurity,” International  Journal of Social Economics, Volume 24, Issue 4, 1997.

Highly Commended Award
   presented by MCB University Press for my article “Transitions Into and Out of Poverty,” International
   Journal of Social Economics, Volume 25, Number 9, 1998.

Ludwig Mai Service Award
   presented by the Association for Social Economics for my service as Association executive secretary for
   1981-1998, New York, January 1999.

Citation of Excellence for Research Implications
   presented by ANBAR Electronic Intelligence for my article “The Nature of Social Economics: A Personal
   Commentary,” International Journal of Social Economics, Volume 26, Number 1, 1999.

Top 500 Economist
   based on the criteria of the number of articles (#261) published and number of pages (#416) published in
   the economics literature for the period 1990-2000

Highly Commended Award
   presented by the Literati Club of Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
   for “Norms for Evaluating Economic Globalization,” International Journal of Social Economics,
   with co-author Giuseppe Gaburro, Volume 30, Number 1/2, 2003.

Thomas Divine Award
   presented by the Association for Social Economics for lifetime contributions to social economics and the
   social economy, San Diego, January 2004.

Best of the Review
   my “Homo Socio-Economicus: Foundational to Social Economics and the Social Economy” that appeared
   originally in the Fall 1994 issue of the Review of Social Economy has been selected as one of the 12 best
   articles ever published in the Review between 1944 when publication began and 1999. Reprinted in the
   Review, Volume LXIII, Number 3, September 2005.

Honorary Associate, Centro Studi Guido Gonella di Verona
            conferred on April 7, 2009, Negrar, Italy.


Poznan School of Management
   Poznan, Poland, April-May 1991

National University of Ireland
   Galway, Republic of Ireland, September-November 1997

Santa Clara University
   Santa Clara, California, May 1998

Center for Economic Personalism, Acton Institute
   Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 2000

University of Verona
   Alba di Canazei, Italy, July 2002, July 2001, July 2000, July 1999

Abano Summer School
   Abano Terme, Italy, August 2005

Garda Summer School
   Garda, Italy, August-September 2006

University of Verona in Vicenza
            Vicenza, May 2012, May 2011

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