Principles of Personalist Economics is a text intended to teach introductory economics mainly from the perspective of the economic agent as a human person, thereby offering a critical examination of human beings as buyers and sellers, producers and resource-holders, employers and employees, entrepreneurs and bankers. This text evolved over a period of more than 25 years teaching college students and was used as the main text with more than 1,000 students between 2002 and 2007. It is revised as better ways to teach the principles course come to mind or it becomes necessary to add new materials to reflect changing economic affairs in a global economic order. Click here for access.

Personalist Economics: Putting the Acting Person at the Center of Economic Affairs is a book that consists of 18 chapters organized into five main parts and extends the work on personalist economics published originally in 1998 by Kluwer Academic Publishers under the title Personalist Economics: Moral Convictions, Economic Realities, and Social Action. The five main parts are: person, personalism, and personalist economics; organizing economic affairs around subsidiarity, justice, and the acting person; persons surviving at the margin; a personalist vision for global economic affairs; and teaching personalist economics. The central difference between these two books is that the more recent one draws on a deeper understanding of person and personalism in economic affairs. It is intended for a more advanced student of economics. Click here for access.
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